Five Things For a Good Smile

Many people in Placerville want a good smile. What are the main five things that result in teeth that other people admire and that you enjoy seeing in the mirror and photographs?

  1. Healthy teeth make for a good-looking smile. Strong teeth are essential for a smile to last for years to come. When you brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, avoid foods that harm your enamel (such as sodas and sugars), and visit our Placerville dentists for regular cleanings, it will show in your smile.
  2. Healthy gums create a good-looking smile, because your teeth need healthy gums to stay in place. Regular and gentle brushing of every tooth at the gum line, daily flossing, staying hydrated with water, adequate vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, avoiding tobacco products, and regular cleanings from the Placerville Dental Group keep your gums healthy.
  3. Having all your teeth is important for a “good-looking” smile. Chips, cracks, broken and/or missing teeth are just a few dental visits away from being restored to “as good as new,” if not better. The latest advances in restorative and cosmetic dentistry include ultra-thin veneers (like Lumineers), improved crowns, and dental implants to keep your smile both beautiful and functional. Implants are especially superior as they preserve the jaw by transmitting chewing forces into the bone, keeping calcium in place and maintaining your appearance.
  4. Straight teeth provide a “good-looking” smile. Your choices to fix misaligned teeth or a bite that is “off” are many. After a consultation with your Placerville dentist, your options include traditional braces, Invisalign, clear braces or even “behind the teeth” orthodontics. Wherever possible, our first recommendation is always Invisalign. Clear, comfortable and removable, Invisalign is the patient’s “first choice” in smile repair.
  5. Whiter teeth lead to a “good-looking” smile. It is possible to have white teeth that aren’t healthy and there are some yellow or stained teeth that are actually in very good functional shape. Our guess is that you would love to have both — healthy teeth that shine white. Make an appointment at the Placerville Dental Group to discuss your options for healthy, safe and effective tooth whitening.

While some dental products encourage you to skip to Step Five, with an over-the-counter promise of whiter teeth, you do well to look at your dental health as a package deal! Healthy teeth and gums, a good bite, no missing teeth and then, topping it off, “good-looking” white teeth – that’s the course of good dental care. Contacting the Placerville Dental Group is your first step towards the best kind of smile, a healthy one!

Give Me a Good Smile!


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