Placerville Braces

Clear braces are illustrated by this model.

Information About Braces

Orthodontics using braces is a tried and true method of straightening teeth that has been around for decades and decades. The benefits are numerous, and it is very unusual, if not impossible, to find a person who regrets having had their teeth straightened. What has changed is the technology!
It is usually not the wire that people object to in traditional braces, it is the brackets, the part that holds the straightening wire to the teeth. It is now possible to choose brackets that are clear, or tooth-colored. Even the wires come in colors other than “gunmetal gray.” This makes them much less “there” and tooth-matching colors are now a common choice for adults receiving orthodontics. Another option to discuss with your Placerville dentist is “behind the teeth brackets,” which take the entire orthodontic process back to where no one but you and the Placerville Dental Group can see it.

Clear brackets are an excellent option in braces for people interested in their appearance.

Here’s a closeup of the model shown above, showing just how hard it is to see braces with clear brackets.

Why Use Orthodontics?

Malocclusion is the dental term for improperly aligned teeth. It can be caused crowded teeth, crooked teeth, a misaligned or undersized jaw, a bite that is “off,” missing teeth, too few teeth or too many teeth! These problems are usually more than cosmetic — they can lead to abnormal wear on tooth enamel, TMJ, gum problems, sleep apnea and teeth that continue to shift in the wrong direction.

How Do Orthodontics Work?

Steady pressure on the teeth, and thus the jaw, is created by orthodontic “appliances.” This pressure reshapes the location of the teeth in the jawbone. This process is easiest for teenagers and young people, since their jaws are still developing. However, it is still very effective for adults. Traditional braces with brackets are also available in designer colors, school colors, gold-plated — even glow-in-the-dark!

Post-orthodontic Treatment

When teeth are moved to their proper alignment, they need to stay put! After braces come off, a retainer must be worn for a time to ensure the teeth and roots continue in alignment. In consultation with your Placerville dentist, your customized program for wearing your retainer means years and years of future benefits. Braces done right, with the proper follow-up use of a retainer, are a once-in-a-lifetime necessity. Come in for a discussion about your orthodontics options at the Placerville Dental Group. Setting your teeth straight has never been easier!

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