Delta Dental Individual

Delta Dental HMO Plan

Delta Dental is one of the largest dental insurance providers nationwide and is preferred over all other insurance providers by the Placerville Dental Group. They offer an individual plan that is sponsored by various organizations, such as Costco, the AARP and others. This is the primary form of DeltaCare USA dental coverage.

All of your dental needs under the Delta Dental DHMO Plan are provided by our local Placerville dentists. Necessary referrals to a specialist are managed by your primary dentist and may require pre-authorization from Delta Dental. (Most procedures can be completed here at the Placerville Dental Group.) Each treatment type has a preset copayment, based on your level of coverage. Having no percentages or maximums to manage makes this the simplest and easiest of all the Delta Dental insurance plans. You have the choice of which dentist to see at the Placerville Dental Group.

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