Delta Dental

Delta Dental Insurance for Employers

Delta Dental has three different types of insurance plans for business owners to offer their Placerville employees. Delta Dental is the preferred provider for the Placerville Dental Group and we are part of their network.

Delta Dental PPO

This PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) program lets employees choose their own Gold Country dentist from within the Delta network or outside the network. Cost savings are available if patients use a Delta Dental dentist. With more than 150,000 participating dental practices nationwide, the selection is quite large, including the Placerville Dental Group.

Delta Dental Premier

This Delta Dental insurance plan allows even greater flexibility in patient choice for insured dental care. Eighty percent of dentists in the US, four out of every five, participate in the Delta Dental Premier network. This adds up to large savings for patients and lower premiums for businesses and employees. The Placerville Dental Group participates in the Delta Dental Premier insurance program.

DeltaCare USA

This is the Delta Dental HMO (health maintenance organization) program, using providers only chosen from the Delta Dental network of dentists. Patients may select the Placerville Dental Group, allowing access to over 250 different dental procedures for a set copayment or no copayment, with no deductibles or maximum coverage amounts. This proves to be the easiest type of coverage for employees to use, with fixed costs for treatments.