MetLife Company Dental Insurance

MetLife offers dental insurance only through employer-based programs. Their network of dental providers is very large and the number of services they provide under their HMO plan is very extensive (over 400 procedures). The Placerville Dental Group participates in the Metlife network.

The MetLife Dental PPO

Like most PPO programs, the MetLife PPO (or DPPO, as they call it) lets employees pick their own dentist or to choose a dentist from the network of dentists approved by MetLife. Choosing a network dentist, like our dentists, offers employees significant discounts on services, ranging from 10-35%. There is a maximum on annual coverage for dental services.

The MetLife Dental HMO

The MetLife HMO was known as Safeguard Dental Insurance in the past. It’s now called the Safeguard DHMO. It’s necessary to choose a dentist from the MetLife network of providers, but you may switch your dentist when desired, and each family member may have a different dentist. If it becomes necessary to see a specialist, you may choose your primary dentist’s recommendation or select your own specialist from the large network. (Most procedures can be completed here at the Placerville Dental Group.) There aren’t any annual maximums on coverage or deductibles, but there are set copayments for services provided.