Premier Access

Premier Access Dental Insurance

Premier Access is based nearby in Sacramento, California, and provides health insurance, including vision and medical, in addition to dental, across the United States, including Placerville. They offer workplace insurance using the PPO option and coverage for teens and younger children through Covered California.

Premier Access Company Dental Insurance

For business owners and companies, Premier Access offers five different dental insurance options:

  • PPO Plan — employees select their own Placerville area dentist, such as the Placerville Dental Group.
  • Plus Plans — works like a PPO, but with less expensive monthly premiums. Costs for services may be higher.
  • Dual Option — employers are able to offer a selection of plans or offer high/low plans with the level of service adjusted by premium costs.
  • Premier Advantage — workers can select a PPO plan from month to month, based on their personal dental needs.

Premier Access offers many options for companies to choose from for their employees, compared to other insurers.

Premier Access Covered California

This dental insurance is exclusively for children under nineteen years of age. Parents can choose a PPO and there are low and high levels. Under the PPO plan, parents pay a percentage of dental services provided.