Meet Dr. Brian Steele

Dr. Brian Steele

Blending art with science, dentistry is my passion. I consider it a privilege to be a dentist, to have a real impact on the health of my patients. I studied to become a dentist right here in California at UC San Francisco and graduated in 2006. Sacramento is my hometown, and I spent my undergraduate years at UC Davis, so I
returned from the Bay Area to establish a dental practice in Northern California.

My approach towards dentistry is best described as comprehensive. This gives me the ability to handle the basics, like cleanings and cavities, and the complex, like oral surgery and orthodontics. This means that everyone in your family can receive their dental care at the Placerville Dental Group.

While dentistry occupied much of my time when I first started out, my marriage to Nancy in 2010 began my life as a family man and a father. Our daughter Ella entered our world one year later, and her younger brother Liam followed shortly after. In 2017, we welcomed our twin boys Jonah and Derek. The family continued to grow with the addition of Stephanie in 2022 and Rachel in 2023. At home, I enjoy caring for our own garden beds as a way to relax at the end of the day.

When I am at the office, I make my recommendations for your dental care the same way I would for my own family. My parents, grandfather and other relatives live nearby, and I often serve their dental needs. You undoubtedly have many of the same concerns that they do and I understand this. Therefore, when I treat a son or daughter, mother or father, what I suggest is honestly based on the best possible care for your teeth.

I look forward to serving you and your family here at our dental practice. Please come in to meet me and our staff in our convenient office. We promise to care for your family as we would our own.

A family portrait of Dr. Brian Steele, his wife Nancy, and their six children, dressed in semi-formal attire, posing together on a gravel path surrounded by lush greenery.

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