The alternative to braces is Invisalign! For over a decade, Invisalign has provided and improved their system of clear “aligners” which straighten your teeth without brackets or wires. Our Placerville dentists utilize the latest computerized technology from Invisalign to straighten your teeth over a pre-determined treatment period. With Invisalign, your receive five benefits over traditional orthodontic appliances:

Invisalign Benefits

  • Customization: Invisalign is specifically designed for your teeth via a computerized treatment application. Depending on your dental goals, you receive a new aligner every two weeks for progressive oral transformation.
  • Clarity: with the Invisalign system, each aligner is nearly invisible. Compared to the obviousness of braces, it’s hard to realize that you’re wearing Invisalign.
  • Comfort: No wires, bands, wax, or brackets are ever used with Invisalign. The custom aligners are comfortable and developed for your teeth specifically.
  • Removable: similar to a mouth guard or retainer, Invisalign aligners are removable for drinking, eating, brushing and flossing or simply for a special occasion. Compare that to trying to clean braces or eating certain foods difficult for traditional orthodontics!
  • Effective: every new aligner leads to teeth and a smile that are healthier, straighter and better than ever.

When you consider the benefits of Invisalign, you can see why it is the first option recommended by the Placerville Dental Group for the majority of our orthodontic patients. Visit our convenient office in downtown Placerville to see if Invisalign is right for your teeth!

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