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Dentures — The Truth About “False Teeth”

Was your first introduction to dentures that shock of seeing a full set, in a glass of water, on the nightstand while visiting your grandparents? Or a commercial featuring some means of affixing dentures with a gooey ooze, while people with false teeth marvel at eating an apple again?

Wipe all those images from your mind! Modern dentures created by advanced dental laboratories and the Placerville Dental Group will give you your smile back, preserve the structure and fullness of your face and jaw, bring back the joy of eating your favorite foods and restore the ability to talk and communicate clearly. It’s quite likely that only you and your Placerville dentist will know the truth about your new false teeth.

The Health Benefits of Dentures

Dentures give you more than a smile — they provide teeth, better speech, the ability to chew, and other benefits from your Placerville dentists at the Placerville Dental Group.When you’re missing all or most of your teeth in one or both arches, or a large group of teeth in one arch, you are missing more than just teeth. Teeth are so much more than a pretty smile, they are useful tools we need to benefit from a variety of foods that are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Without teeth, your ability to chew and get the full nutrition from your food is diminished. Teeth also provide a “backstop” for our tongue to produce crisp and distinct vocal sounds, essential for speaking clearly and professionally.

How to Get Dentures

Following a consultation with the Placerville Dental Group, it will be decided if you need a full or partial denture, or simply a bridge. Careful measurements will be taken, plus a mold of your mouth to ensure your dentures fit perfectly. Dentures that fit do not require denture adhesive. This is an important fact that many people do not realize.

We also discuss the color and look you’re after – some people want a razzle dazzle white and perfect look, while others prefer to get dentures that are not “so perfect” or similar to the teeth they once had. You are in charge of the style factor and we are in charge of the fit factor, and together we will create the look and feel that are just right for you.

Dentures with Implants

A new and exciting aspect of modern dentures is having dental implants installed for a very sure fit. Implants affixed to your jawbone help prevent bone loss, providing a more youthful appearance. The dentures “snap in” to your mouth by attaching to the implants. The primary benefit is that you get the strength of implants without the cost of repairing your entire mouth using this advanced procedure.

Conventional or Immediate Dentures?

Your last decision will be whether to get conventional or immediate dentures. If it’s necessary to remove any diseased teeth, your mouth and gums will require time for healing. Over the next several weeks, the swelling goes away and the ultimate shape of your jaw can be measured. If you can wait during this time without dentures, you’ll have a more perfect fit when you do get them and any adjustments will be minor. If waiting is not an option, we can discuss sending you home wearing immediate dentures. These will give you your new smile right away, but will require some tweaking when your gums heal and take on their new shape.

Practice and Care for Dentures

Whether you choose conventional or immediate dentures, there will be a short period of adjustment. After your cheek muscles and tongue adapt, your will speak clearly (or better) and eating will be a pleasure, not a burden. Soups and smoothies have their place, but you ca enjoy chomping into something chewy or crunchy once again. One thing you won’t have to learn is how to smile! That will come back with your first glance in the mirror at the healthy looking new you!

Keep your beautiful new dentures clean with daily brushing with a soft toothbrush, along with brushing your mouth, tongue and palate. Your confidence level will soar when you know your breath is fresh, your teeth look good, you can eat normally and speak clearly. If you are ready for dentures, our Placerville dentists are ready to give you a brand new smile.

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