First time in, and I have a very positive impression! Very professional, thorough, and super nice people! I highly recommend!

Karla Stine
March 23, 2022

My dentist in Tahoe retired and I was in need of getting rid of my metal fillings and replacing them with crowns. I decided to find a dentist close to my parent's house so I could spend the day with my folks whenever I needed to go to the dentist. Dr Brian took the time to sit down and find out a little of who I am before doing the work. That was several years ago. Now, I mostly see Nick for my cleanings. He is very thorough in what I need to do in preventative care. I dont have great teeth genes and I'm always dreading the next filling or crown that used to happen every time I would go to the dentist. Yes, it's a little more work staying on top of what Nick tells me to do but it is so worth it when I go in for a cleaning and its just a cleaning! I leave there smiling ear to ear.

Karey T.
March 16, 2022

First step in getting two implants was a complete success. Dr.Steele is very professional and I was totally comfortable. No pain at all and excellent after care. I would definitely recommend this business.

Susan H.
December 2, 2021

100% Best dentist ever. The whole staff is amazing and Dr Steele is amazing! I had a huge phobia of the dentist he had to pull 25 teeth and was no big deal he is gentle and my new teeth look so so good and real. Thank you thank you thank you!

David E.
May 4, 2021

They were very friendly and flexible. I came in for the first time to this office for my 6 month cleaning. They were able to clean my teeth and do other work all in the same day. I’ve also never had a dentist put a blanket on me either. Would recommend!

Cecily Elaine Robert
April 28, 2021

I chose the Placerville Dental Group based on their website and services offered. Upon my initial visit and consultation, I felt confident with moving forward and chose this office as my new dentist. Dr Cheema and the entire staff were not only friendly and professional, but amazing! From scheduling my appointments, and having oral surgery along with follow up.

Susan Wong-Criqat
February 12, 2021

They are always attentive and professional! I’m so happy to be able to get a better smile and feel confident again.

Anabel Doyle
October 28, 2020

Amazing doctors and amazing service could not be happier with the outcome of my surgery...... Thank you.

Christopher Korkowski
September 30, 2020

I cannot recommend Dr Cheema and Placerville Dental Group enough. I had the pleasure of hosting Dr Cheema at my advanced digital implant course and I have to say I am impressed by his knowledge and commitment to excellence. If you are within 6 hours of his office, run, don’t walk to Dr Cheema and his team. I’ve trained docs from all over the US and they are top notch. Go team Cheema!

Ryan Dunlop Dmd
August 2, 2020

The staff was friendly and thorough.  Makenzie was outstanding as were the rest of the staff.  I found my new dentists!

Nancy D.
July 30, 2020

They are friendly and efficient. They have always done a great job for me.

Din Hutton
July 27, 2020

Very professional and warm staff!! Recommend this place and look forward for next visit:)

Sandra Anabel Diaz Doyle
July 15, 2020

I must say that I am a nervous patient when it comes to dentists... but I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed as I did here.  From the wonderful front desk staff to the RDA Stacy and Dr. Steele, very friendly.  Special thanks to Debra...the office manager... I am truly grateful to be a new patient.  I live 35 miles away, and it was WORTH IT!!

Barbara E.
Read Barbara E.'s review of Placerville Dental Group on Yelp" target="_blank">Yelp
June 16, 2020

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!! I came in on the wrong date and they were so friendly, got my 2 kids in and even had time to do a cavity. I'm so glad we chose Placerville Dental Group.

Tina C.
Read Tina C.'s review of Placerville Dental Group on Yelp" target="_blank">Yelp
March 17, 2020

I have had great experiences so far! The staff is wonderful and efficient. The dental hygienist is lovely and very caring and helpful. :)

Ashley Woodard
February 22, 2020

Great Group! Rachel cleans my teeth. She is wonderful and honest. Rachel also Serves our Country. Thank You! Heather and Debra run the front office. They’re always a pleasure to talk with. I will soon be meeting Dr Steel. He is going to take care of an issue of a broken tooth. The most important thing is I trust them.

Richard Allen Hall
January 15, 2020

I went in for a cleaning and needed x-rays, too. (I'm old enough to remember when those were a real hassle, but the new methods are so quick and easy.) The new hygienist is great - very personable and professional and really seems to know what she's doing. She found a couple of shadows on my teeth and had the dentist check them out. He decided they're nothing to worry about, so no drilling! (I'm lucky that I've got good teeth, even when I didn't treat them well, but I do now!) Anyway, between these nice folks, where I've been going for many years and have always liked the hygienists, and my good fortune in teeth, it was a good visit! Also! I don’t have dental insurance and they made sure to offer me this discount plan they take that saved me about $100.

Elisabeth Bingham
December 28, 2019

The service you will receive from an exceptional staff!

Joanne Harden Mattson
December 12, 2019

I have established this place as my new dentist and have had a great experience so far. Nothing negative to say. The scheduling for appointments has been fast and everyone here is very knowledgeable about there job and seem to do good work.

Will K.
October 17, 2019

I needed a repair of my dentures and got in right away. They met with me to see what needed to be done and scheduled me for the next morning at 8. I was back to work in 15 min and was able to pick them up before I went home that night. They did an awesome job on my teeth! Would highly recommend them!

Gail Thaggard
October 16, 2019