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Your permanent teeth take, on average, ten to twelve years to come in, or erupt. Starting with your lower front teeth at age six or seven, and ending with your wisdom teeth between ages seventeen and 21, you end up with 32 permanent teeth. This is if all goes well and there is room for your wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars. It is not inevitable that you must have your wisdom teeth removed, and it is preferable to keep them. After all, you were meant to have them! Although children who were breast fed for an extended period tend to have the best chance of keeping their wisdom teeth, if you are like many, you’ll have to have them extracted if:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth are damaging your nearby second molars,
  • Your mouth has crowding resulting in misaligned teeth,
  • Cysts have formed due to impaction, causing bone loss or infection,
  • Periodontal disease has developed due to your wisdom teeth.

Regular visits to your Placerville dentist are essential no matter what your age, but during the teen years and early twenties it is vital that wisdom tooth progression is tracked. Years of diligent childhood dental care and/or orthodontic work can be undone when wisdom teeth come in where there is no room for them.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Wisdom Teeth X-ray, showing the danger of leaving impacted wisdom teeth in place.

Impacted lower 3rd molars resulting in decay on 2nd molars as well as localized bone loss (periodontal disease). This patient’s swelling and pain comes and goes from time to time. If left untreated, Ludwig’s Angina can ensue causing air way constriction, bacteremia, septic shock, and death.

With local anesthesia and sedation, removal of wisdom teeth is usually a one hour in-office procedure. The longer it is delayed, the more problems will arise, which could include damaging or shifting perfectly good teeth. Make an appointment soon for yourself or your teen to see where the wisdom teeth are in relation to the rest of the upper and lower jaw. The dentists at the Placerville Dental Group have the experience and knowledge to deal with these often pesky last set of teeth. Sometimes, taking them out is the smartest thing to do, and without delay!

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