Gum Disease Description

Our Placerville dental staff can explain all the facets of gum disease.Gum disease is usually discovered by your dental professional during an oral exam. Because the early stages can cause little or no pain, many patients ignore the starting signs, such as inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Your overall health is tightly connected to your dental health, however, and gum disease is a good example of this. Studies indicate that that untreated periodontal disease can lead to heart attack, stroke and premature delivery of babies.

The Ugly Cause of Gum Disease

Oral bacteria contributes to the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth, including under the gumline. If left on your teeth and under the gumline, this tartar and plaque buildup irritates the gums, leading to reddened and bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are not a normal part of flossing or brushing, and should be an indication to make a dental appointment right away. If your gums are inflamed, you have a form of gum disease, either gingivitis or periodontitis. If those words scare you, don’t be scared into inaction. Knowledge is power, so learn the difference between the two to stay informed.


Gingivitis simply means inflamed gums. With tartar and plaque buildup at and under the gumline, your gums become irritated and sensitive. They may have expanded and formed little pockets around your teeth. This stage of gum disease is easily treatable, if caught early. So if you notice your gums bleeding, you need to see your Placerville dentist soon! With regular dental cleanings, daily brushing and flossing, mouthwashes recommended by your dentist and possibly some other dental devices, you will soon win the war with gingivitis. Get rid of this form of gum disease with the help of the Placerville Dental Group by making an appointment right now!


When gum disease has advanced past gingivitis and gone into periodontitis, your teeth are in danger. Now really is not the time to ignore the signs and try to fight this battle on your own or, worse yet, hope it just “goes away.” Periodontitis won’t go away until you have no more teeth. Right now, you have teeth to save and your Placerville dentist has the tools to save them. If you have periodontitis, the space between your teeth and gums is excessive, your gums bleed easily, there is soreness in your gums and you have already experienced some bone loss and likely gum recession. Prompt treatment is available through the professionals at the Placerville Dental Group.

Advanced Periodontitis

An advanced case of periodontitis means bone loss has definitely occurred — and it may be moderate or severe. The roots of the teeth may have even loosened from the jaw bone. If this is the case with you, make an appointment immediately with the Placerville Dental Group. There are therapies and treatment available that may still save your teeth. Our team of caring and sympathetic professionals are ready to fight with you for your teeth and your dental health.

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