First Dental Health

Founded by dentists in 1995 to provide affordable dental care, First Dental Health has some of the lowest cost dental insurance programs available in California. The Placerville Dental Group accepts three of the company’s most popular insurance offerings: the PPO, EPO and Access programs. All three are available to individuals and businesses in the state of California and are explained below:

PPO Program: This is a traditional PPO where you pick your dentist and much of the treatment cost is paid for you. Our dentists are members of the First Dental Health network, providing you additional savings on copayments.

EPO Program: A more economical version of the PPO program from First Dental Health, but with similar treatment options. Since our Placerville dentists are part of the First Dental Health network, you receive the benefit of significant discounts negotiated by the insurer.

Access Program: With Access you can only use in-network providers from First Dental Health. Since the Placerville Dental Group is amongst these, we are available to Access members.

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