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Individual Insurance Plans

HumanaOne offers individual dental insurance for clients in California. They offer three tiers of individual plans, including a plan designed for military veterans. The basics of their plans are explained below:

Humana Preventive Plus for Veterans: this plan is offered on a one-year basis only. It offers PPO coverage with $50 individual and $150 family deductibles and a benefit maximum of $1000 per year. There are no copays for minor dental work outside of the deductible, and discounted dental care for major treatments like crowns or bridgework. Veterans also have the option of signing up on one plan for other types of health care and insurance, such as vision or urgent care.

Humana Dental Preventive Plus: like the plan for veterans, this plan has similar coverage levels, but does not offer the additional types of health care. While you may choose your own dentist, if you select one of our Placerville dentists, you will receive discounts on major dental work procedures, such as orthodontics.

Humana Dental Savings Plan: this plan may be combined with discount plans in other areas of health care, such as vision, prescriptions and alternative medicine like chiropractic or acupuncture. The Placerville Dental Group accepts the Humana Dental Savings Plan.

Group Insurance Plans

For all of the group insurance plans, using the Placerville Dental Group will net you savings of over 25% on many of the procedures covered by Humana. Depending on the group plan used by your business, you may receive one of the following five levels of dental care:

Traditional Preferred: Preventive services, basic services (such as fillings) and major services (such as denture relining) are all covered. Some employers may offer additional benefits, such as dental implants.

Dental PPO: very similar to the Traditional Preferred plan, but with slightly higher costs for the insured.

Preventive Plus: all basic and preventive treatments are covered, but some major treatments come with an additional cost, higher than that with the Dental PPO or Traditional Preferred plans.

Advantage Plus: while only preventive dental service is fully covered, there is a higher maximum benefit, and in some cases no maximum benefit, for the treatments offered with this plan. For basic services and major services there is a set, affordable copay which you pay when you receive service, while Humana pays the rest.

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