Gum Injury

Emergency Treatment for Gum Injuries

Gum InjuryTooth enamel is the protective shell on the outside of your teeth. The hardest substance in the human body, it often takes unexpected punishment without incident. But the same cannot be said about your gums. They do a sensational job protecting your teeth and jaws from germs, bacteria and disease. But if you slip or fall, accidentally bite down in the wrong place, use your teeth as tools, or consume very hot foods and beverages, you can easily bring injury to your gums. Damaged gum tissue can lead to infection, discomfort, pain and even a threat to your overall health. That’s why it’s important to address any gum injury promptly!

Avoid Panic with Bleeding Gums

A soft tissue injury may not produce excessive amounts of blood, but when blood mixes with saliva the bleeding typically looks worse than it is. Gum bleeding should stop in a few minutes, but here are some proactive measures that help stem the flow of blood:

  • Use a mild saltwater mixture to rinse out your mouth.
  • Press a damp piece of gauze against the injury for a few minutes. If you don’t have gauze, use a clean piece of cloth or a new sanitary napkin.
  • If you experience pain or other discomfort from the injury, hold ice against the area for no more than five to ten minutes at a time. This helps get the bleeding under control and reduces swelling.

If the bleeding persists beyond ten minutes, contact the Placerville Dental Group. We are ready to assist you! Call us at 530-295-8000.

Foreign Objects and Gum Injuries

Things like splinters from bones, shards of ice, toothpick points or other sharp objects are often the cause of gum tissue punctures and lacerations. Infection is likely if an object gets lodged into your gums, assuring a painful outcome if left untreated. Dental floss, when carefully used, is a versatile tool and quite helpful for dislodging such foreign objects. A toothpick or dental pick might dislodge the object, but be careful! Probing at a sharp object stuck between your teeth, in the gums, or between the teeth and gums could just as easily wedge the object in further.

Periodontal Abscesses and Gum Damage

A periodontal abscess is a pus-filled sac. It forms between your teeth and gums, or in the jawbone, due to infections or damage caused by a number of potential sources. An abscess is generally painful and often accompanied by headaches, swelling in the gums or face, and sometimes fever. If you develop an abscess in your gums, you need emergency dental care before the infection spreads and the damage to your jawbone increases. Our dentist scans the area, verifies the source and extent of the infection, and then determines the most effective treatment to bring you relief and restore your health.

If your gums suffer damage or pain, please do not hesitate to contact the Placerville Dental Group. Returning your gums to good health after painful incidents is an essential part of our emergency services.
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