Oral Surgery

Dr. Erik Matson of the Placerville Dental Group solves a patient's dental problem.If you hear a friend is up for oral surgery, you may wish them well, possibly give it a passing thought that day and hope it all went well.

If our Placerville dentist says you need oral surgery, you may want a bit more than a passing thought. If Hallmark doesn’t make a card for oral surgery, at this point you think it would be a good idea! Let’s face it, the thought of oral surgery isn’t so bad, until your mouth is involved.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is any kind of procedure inside your mouth that would involve — how can we put this gently? — a bit of cutting. (With a very little knife, if that makes you feel any better.) These procedures range from incredibly small and simple, to more complicated and serious. Here are some examples:

The caring staff at the Placerville Dental Group is ready to help you through these surgeries, whether minor or major. We will hold your hand, pat your back and give you the pain management you need to come out of your oral surgery happy you did it. Modern anesthetic, sleep dentistry and advanced techniques all make the process easier. Getting it done and over with successfully is so much better than enduring the pain and lettings things get worse, don’t you agree? Make your appointment today to see the Placerville Dental Group about any questions regarding oral surgery!

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