Floss Before You Brush!

A Worthwhile Dental Habit

Most everyone flosses their teeth after brushing them. This practice is so ingrained that to some people it may seem to make as much sense as putting on your socks before you put on your shoes. While it is true that the most important thing is to floss every day, our Placerville dental patients would benefit even more if they flossed before they brushed their teeth!

What Does the ADA Say?

According to the American Dental Association, “if you use dental floss before you brush, the fluoride from the toothpaste has a better chance of reaching between teeth.” The points between your teeth are common areas for tooth decay and cavities. Plaque is part of the reason. This sticky film created by oral bacteria can keep fluoride from reaching your enamel. While your toothbrush removes it just fine on the surfaces you can see, your toothbrush often does not reach very far between your teeth, if at all.

Flossing First is the Solution!

Enter flossing! If you floss before you brush with the tool of your choice — water flosser, string floss or interdental brushes — plaque is removed before you apply fluoride to your teeth. The result? More strengthened enamel, more bacteria destroyed by fluoride and less cavities. Flossing before you brush — it’s an adjustment in your habits, but it’s well worth it!

Jan 16, 2014 | Oral Maintenance


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