Your Toothbrush Does More Than Clean Your Teeth!

Did you know that you can also call your toothbrush a “fluoride applicator”? The Placerville Dental Group has already written about the dangers to your enamel from bacteria and acidic substances. Fluoride is an important part of your campaign against these enamel enemies. Applying it properly takes a toothbrush!

What Your Toothbrush Does

The toothbrush removes food from the crevices found on every tooth. It also reaches in between teeth to help push out food particles. At the same time, it disturbs bacterial colonies, preventing the development of tartar, the hard, irritating substance bacteria builds if left in place. Best of all, your toothbrush distributes fluoride throughout your mouth and onto your tooth enamel.

What’s So Great About Fluoride?

Why is fluoride beneficial? First, we know that fluoride prevents the growth of oral bacteria. That’s one reason why brushing your teeth improves your breath — you reduce the stinky bacteria that like to live inside your mouth. Second, fluoride helps your enamel regrow. Your teeth require calcium and phosphorus (in the form of phosphate) to make and repair your enamel. Fluoride improves the deposition of these substances onto your existing enamel. This can harden developing or existing enamel and repair damage done to your enamel before it worsens and becomes a cavity.

So when you brush your teeth, remember that you’re not just cleaning away food particles and bacteria. You’re also applying enamel’s best friend — fluoride!


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