How often should I visit the dentist?

Answer: Visit our Placerville dental office at least twice a year. For specific conditions, more frequent visits may be necessary to preserve your dental health.”

Our Placerville dentists welcome you every six months or more often.

We look forward to helping you have an excellent smile!

Regular and consistent dental care at home benefits your teeth and general health for a lifetime. But if you follow a terrific home care regimen, why is it still necessary to see on of our Placerville dentists on a regular basis?

  • Hard to clean plaque buildup calls for professional dental care. When it comes to plaque, you’re competing with one of the fastest growing organisms on Earth — bacteria. They start building plaque within minutes of you providing them with a meal, which is whatever you happen to be eating or drinking. This small but consistent buildup leads to tartar, which requires regular removal by a dental hygienist or dentist every six months, more often if you are prone to heavy plaque or gum disease.
  • Dental issues such as gingivitis and small cavities must be taken care of early to avoid larger problems such as periodontitis, root canals and extractions. Even with excellent oral hygiene, enamel often wears away from years of use. Cavities are always a possibility due to this natural erosion or due to deep fissures in the crown of your tooth.
  • Your dentist is the first line of defense to spot oral, tongue and mouth cancers while they are treatable.
  • A dental visit includes a tooth polishing, which leaves you with a wonderful clean feeling and bright smile that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Avoiding visits to the dentist does not make dental problems go away. Reddened or bleeding gums, pain or sensitivity in one or more teeth, persistent bad breath, jaw pain, cracked or missing teeth — there are no products to cure these in your local drug store or pharmacy. A visit to your dentist is the only way to get your pain, discomfort, embarrassment, plaque buildup or any other dental problem, big or small, dealt with properly. Please make an appointment with the caring dentists at the Placerville Dental Group for a dental checkup every six months. Consistently see us for the little things and they won’t become big things! Together we can do this — get and keep your mouth in excellent shape!