Implants Stop Early Aging

Dental implants make you look younger and can be installed by our Placerville dentists.Losing a tooth, or even multiple teeth, happens for various reasons. Failing to care for your teeth leads to dental disease and tooth loss. Accidental injuries also cause the loss of individual or multiple teeth. Bridges and dentures have traditionally replaced missing teeth, and may even be the best option for some patients. The Placerville Dental Group uses dental implants as the ideal replacement procedure, however, because dental implants prevent bone loss and premature aging.

Strong bones are stimulated regularly. Studies show that physical exercise helps prevent problems like osteoporosis. In your jaw, it’s chewing your food that stimulates the jawbones. When a tooth is lost, the jaw loses the stimulation the tooth provided. So the body reabsorbs the bone that once held the tooth in place. This jawbone reduction significantly ages your facial features, especially if you lose multiple teeth.

Stimulating the bone tissue is the best way to prevent bone resorption. Dental implants provide that stimulation by becoming a part of your jawbone and transmitting the forces of chewing to your jaw. Thus, getting dental implants does more than just replace teeth — it preserves your smile and prevents early aging.

The Placerville Dental Group also secures many types of dental prosthetics using implants. Implants help bridges and dentures fit securely, and guarantees that the appliances provide jawbone stimulation. Implants also allow our dentists to mount bridges without grinding down adjacent healthy teeth. In the case of dentures, they can be fit permanently to implants or made removable for easier cleaning.

The Placerville Dental Group installs dental implants to restore your missing teeth or to secure bridges and dentures. When you can use them, we are convinced that dental implants are the best way to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants — the best way to maintain your health, your youth and your smile!

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