Gum Disease Prevention

Ask anyone if they want to keep their teeth and the resounding answer will be “Yes!” But keeping your teeth healthy and keeping your gums strong requires a commitment of time and energy. When compared to the time and effort devoted to other activities, your teeth really don’t ask for too much. This is what your teeth need to stay healthy:

Don't do it yourself when it comes to gum disease prevention.

Gum disease is not something you should fight with do-it-yourself devices, but you can take action at home!

In certain cases, there are a few more weapons you can use against plaque and tartar:

  • More frequent dental cleanings, possibly every three months, until plaque is controlled,
  • Special rinses to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up,
  • Use of an oral irrigation device such as Sonicare or Waterpik.

The above ideas have been the official advice for years and they will continue to be the key to healthy teeth and smaller dental bills. If you don’t have gum disease, follow the advice of your dental professionals so you never get it. If you do have it, you can’t get rid of it on your own! Make an appointment with the Placerville Dental Group soon. Let’s treat this together!

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