Preventive Dental Care

The satisfaction from practicing as a dentist is realizing that a major part of your labor revolves around preventive dental care — keeping disease away from your clients. Our Placerville dentists take joy in assisting you and your family avoid cavities, gum disease and other oral difficulties. Regular preventive dental care, combined with good oral hygiene routines, helps you maintain your teeth for life!

Preventive dentistry at the Placerville Dental Group includes the following therapies:

Dental Examination

A dental exam is more than a routine peek at your teeth and gums. It’s a systematic procedure featuring a search for gum disease, cavities and oral cysts, tumors and infections. Our Placerville dentists are often the first medical professionals to see and point out cases of oral cancer, so a habitual dental exam protects not just your teeth — it could also save your life!

Dental Cleanings

This semi-annual tradition in dental care is the primary way to eliminate bacterial colonies in contact with your teeth and gums. The hard structures created by oral bacteria are analogous to the coral reefs found in the world’s oceans. Diminutive sea creatures build these stony forms as their habitat. In the matter of oral bacteria, their habitat is your mouth. Dental cleanings “evict” these squatters, saving your gums from recession and teeth from destruction.

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