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Choosing Dental Implants

Where there is a healthy root, there is a way to repair a tooth. Does this mean that all is lost if you have a gap in your jaw caused by completely missing teeth? Not at all – dental implants are your smile’s best hope for a natural appearance and healthy future.

The history of dental implants goes way back, at least four thousand years. There is evidence of early replacement of missing teeth in China, with bamboo implants of all things. Your options in the 21st century? No more bamboo shoots! Your choices are modern, reliable and backed by decades of research. Dental implants are not just in your mouth, they become one with your mouth and jaw. How is this possible?

Today’s dental implants fuse together with your jawbone through osseointegration. Just like other procedures involving replacement of bones in the hip or knee, materials like titanium and some ceramics bond with your jaw bone. Your body doesn’t treat the implant as a foe, but rather as a friend. Your jaw grows around the implant, becoming stronger once again. You no longer risk the bone loss that can hasten the look of premature aging. And you have a tooth or teeth where there once was a gap, a definite improvement to your eating enjoyment, quality of speech and appearance.

Dental implants from the experts at the Placerville Dental Group can replace either a single tooth, multiple teeth or can keep dentures, partial dentures and bridges securely attached. Using implants helps to keep your remaining teeth from shifting, preserving them for the future. Dental implants are a winning proposition for your whole mouth. Our Placerville dentists are here to answer your questions about how to implant security and pride back into your jaw, mouth and smile.

Installing Implants

Dental Implants

You may have seen the before and after pictures of dental implant patients. The results are dramatic and stunning. But don’t be fooled by the exaggerated timelines presented. For your dental implants to be successful and long-lasting, there is an important fact left out with some “befores” and the “afters”, and that is the all-important “between.” If someone promises you dental implants in one session, don’t walk, run to the Placerville Dental Group. We do implants right.

In the course of two to three visits, your dental implants will be installed, given time to become part of your body and then fitted with naturally looking replacement teeth that make your smile look like yours. If you need just one tooth replaced, multiple teeth or you require anchors to secure dentures or bridges, you want this to last and become a permanent part of your life. Pass up the fly-by-night promises and come into the tried-and-true experts at Placerville Dental Group. Solid, secure and safe dental implants – let’s get this done!

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