Help for the Reluctant Dental Patient

Most people do not mind visiting their family dentist, but some patients have an unwillingness to get their dental checkups regularly. There is no single reason for this type of reluctance – causes vary, and stem from a variety of sources. At the Placerville Dental Group, we understand how many patients, new or old, might have a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to dental visits. Let’s discuss some frequent reasons, and what can be done to resolve those issues.

Dental Pain and Anxiety

Healthy people do not want to feel pain. The mouth is a sensitive area, and some of the sensations during a cleaning, tooth filling, or other procedure might be disconcerting. Many people anticipate pain during their dental procedure, and that expectation sometimes grows out of proportion as they get closer to their scheduled visit.

The dental team at the Placerville Dental Group has decades of training and experience to make sure they perform any procedure with skill and precision, avoiding unnecessary pain. We also offer mild anesthetics or sedation dentistry to help you through the procedure without being affected by discomfort. We always prescribe pain medication after certain procedures, if the situation calls for it.

Past Negative Dental Experiences

A few patients have experienced unwarranted or unsuccessful dental procedures in the past. Those procedures might have resulted in unnecessary pain or other consequences that validate a person’s anxiety about dental care. The Placerville Dental Group takes our professionalism and your comfort very seriously. If you’d like verification on the skill, experience, training, and ability of any member of our dental team, just ask – we’re happy to inform you about our qualifications, and to give you detailed reasons about why we are recommending a certain dental procedure.

The Placerville Dental Group wants to earn your trust. We want to hear about your past experiences, so we can make sure you never go through something like that at our hands. Tell us what happened – it might even lead to answers on how to resolve your current circumstances. Honestly, though, the best way to alleviate your fears is to let us administer your dental care. The result will certainly show you that we know how to look after your teeth and gums safely and successfully, with the absolute minimum of pain or discomfort.

Embarrassed By Their Teeth

Very many people, more than you might realize, tend to neglect their dental care. Their teeth and gums are not as healthy as they once were. You might smile less and hide your teeth when in public, especially when around people you’ve just met. Believe us when we say, however, that over our years in dentistry we have seen just about everything! And the person who really needs to see your teeth to do their job and benefit you directly is your dentist in Placerville and the staff at our dental clinic.

Therefore, when meditating over your anxieties, please keep our years of experience in mind. Whatever your situation, rest assured it’s not the worst we’ve seen, and we can fix your problem within your budget. We’re a support group to help you get the right tools, equipment and procedures so you never have to be embarrassed about your teeth again.

Cost of Dentistry

Especially in the current economy, personal budgets are sometimes almost as sensitive as your teeth and gums. For some individuals, the cost involved in dental procedures influences them to hold off on office visits. If you continue avoiding regular dental care, however, your oral health will worsen, leading to more costly requirements.

Thankfully, there’s no need to let perceived budget issues hinder your oral health. The Placerville Dental Group works with some of the best dental insurance groups available today. We also offer discount dental plans for individuals and families. We accept Care Credit, a credit card specifically for medical procedures that offers 0% loans to pay for treatment. And many patients appreciate our in-office financing options for more intricate procedures.

Dental Reluctance Relief

Your oral health is important to your overall health. The Placerville Dental Group is determined to not only maintain your health but give you a great smile while doing so. We want to alleviate any hesitant feelings in taking care of your teeth. In fact, we want to be confident that you’re getting the best oral care available. Not only that, but we want to help you achieve the best smile possible. Please give our office a call, or schedule your next dental appointment with us online – if you have not already done so. We’ll improve your oral health and reduce your reluctance at the same time.


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