The cost of Invisalign is directly related to the complexity of your condition. As a new aligner tray is produced for approximately every two weeks of treatment, the longer your adjustment takes, the greater the cost. As a result, our Placerville dentists do their best to provide the most effective plan possible for resolving your problem. The average Invisalign treatment costs about $5000, although some procedures cost only $3500, and others up to $8000.

Based on your insurance coverage, however, part or all of the cost of your treatment may be paid for. Invisalign is a recognized orthodontic treatment, although its cost can be slightly higher than similar treatment with braces, due to its convenience and requirement for multiple sets of aligners. Financing plans are available through our Placerville dental office. Also, as an orthodontic treatment, your Invisalign procedure is eligible for pre-tax medical cost reimbursement programs that may be offered by your employer. This could save you a considerable amount of money on your federal income tax return.

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