Try This At Home!

Bold Action Prevents Dental Problems

On television we often see people do bold or dangerous things that come with the disclaimer “Don’t try this at home.” Although we encourage our children to follow that advice, many people go on to attempt the very things they were told to not do. Others play it safe and wonder what those daredevils were possibly thinking. No matter what your opinion of these risky televised displays, one thing that you don’t want to risk or endanger is your oral health! That’s why our Placerville dentists urge you to try the following three tips at home to enjoy better dental health and fewer cavities!

Run Thread Between Your Teeth

“How often do you floss?” could be the most dreaded question when visiting the dentist. Why? We all know we should floss everyday, but do we? Most people don’t and even fib when a hygienist or dentist asks the question. So why do we ask in the first place? Because everyone should floss daily! Daily flossing reaches in between teeth where brushing can’t reach, getting rid of plaque and fighting gum disease. If you want to avoid the bleeding gums caused by bacterial invaders, follow our advice and work that floss between your teeth.

Fight with Bacteria

Since a daily brushing and flossing routine at home reduces decay from bacteria and plaque, it also extends the life of your teeth. So fight with bacteria! Brush twice a day for two minutes each time. This allows your fluoride toothpaste to battle stains and combat bacteria. Use mouthwash as needed after brushing and flossing — our staff can give you recommendations. Rinsing with mouthwash is especially beneficial if you are just starting a daily flossing regimen, since it helps reduce the bleeding from existing gingivitis.

Put Metal in Your Mouth

Why do people pay a dental office to put metal tools in their mouth every six months? One dental hygienist described it this way: “Think about the mold in your bathroom shower. What three things happen in a shower to make that mold grow? It’s dark, it’s warm and it’s moist. With your mouth, it’s kind of the same thing, especially under your gums – it’s dark, warm and moist. Bacteria like to be left alone to eat all the stuff in there, and grow and get nasty. So that’s why you come in every six months so I can clean that out.” The Placerville Dental Group knows you’re busy, but skipping dental cleanings and exams isn’t good for your health! Cleanings keep bacteria, plaque and tartar in check. And admit it, it feels really good to leave with gleaming shiny teeth that aren’t covered in calculus.

Keep It Happy

The Placerville Dental Group enjoys keeping our patients happy by not only providing routine dental exams and cleanings, but also giving your mouth extra care as needed. Although dental complications, like cavities or missing teeth, do happen, not repairing these problems is one danger you definitely don’t want to court. By keeping a good dental routine at home, patients avoid a lot of these problems and the extra expenses that come with them.

For more ideas on how you can avoid dental dangers, ask our Placerville dental team the next time you visit us at 699 Main Street, Suite B, or use our many informative articles and pages on this website.



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