Six Reasons To Floss Everyday

It’s Still a Good Habit!

Despite what you may have read in the news lately, the Placerville Dental Group’s dentists still recommend that every patient floss at least once a day. Here are six reasons our Placerville dentists feel you should continue to floss daily:

  1. Plaque doesn’t take a break. Flossing prevents plaque from multiplying and hardening into stubborn tartar. Bacteria forms plaque within minutes of eating and drinking and it takes only a couple of days to start doing its dirty work of hardening and starting decay, so don’t skip flossing, even for a day!
  2. Your teeth will be strong for life. Getting a cavity is bad news, but what’s worse? Having a cavity between two teeth! Flossing removes plaque, food bits and germs from between your teeth so decay is prevented. Indeed, the plaque between your teeth is best reached with floss — not your toothbrush. Don’t like the drill? Flossing is the best way to avoid it between teeth.
  3. Your gums won’t bleed. Flossing removes bacteria at the gum line, preventing gum irritation, recession and bleeding. It’s important to remember that healthy gums do not bleed! If your gums are bleeding, it is a sign your body is trying to fight a tissue infection.
  4. Healthy gums lead to a healthy body. Diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and some respiratory diseases have all been linked with gum disease. Improve your health and cut down on the risk for developing these health problems by flossing daily.
  5. Pregnant women are “flossing for two.” Studies suggest that you can reduce pregnancy complications by maintaining good oral health — which includes flossing daily — to minimize the risk of premature birth and low birth weight. And the dental insurance provider Humana reminds that “pregnant women are often more susceptible to plaque buildup and tooth decay than the general population.”
  6. Enjoy better breath! As we have said, flossing removes food and bacteria from between teeth — hard to reach places! Even better, when flossing is done before brushing, fluoride toothpaste reaches teeth better and strengthens enamel, leaving your mouth much cleaner and fresher.

here you have it, six reasons the Placerville Dental Group still thinks it’s a good idea to floss! Believe our dentists and hygienists when we say that if you take good care of your teeth and gums, including the use of dental floss, you can enjoy a healthy smile for life!


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