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Our Placerville dentists encourage parents to help and monitor their children's oral hygiene routine.

What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

The short answer to our title question is “Probably nothing good,” and the American Dental Association (ADA) agrees. Although the extremely rare person may not develop cavities from a failure to brush, they certainly will get gum disease. And gum disease eventually leads to tooth...

Fluoride is important for adults and children and its use is encourged by our Placerville dentists.

Did You Forget to Brush?

 We all know it’s important to brush twice a day to keep our teeth clean. Daily brushing, along with flossing, has benefits that go beyond fresh breath and a whiter smile. But what happens if you forget to brush before going to bed at night...

Good dental care is amazing and available from our Placerville dental clinic.

Try This At Home!

Bold Action Prevents Dental Problems On television we often see people do bold or dangerous things that come with the disclaimer “Don’t try this at home.” Although we encourage our children to follow that advice, many people go on to attempt the very things they were told...