Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign — An Investment in Your Dental Future

Orthodontics are not just for teenagers. Adults can have their teeth fixed invisibly with Invisalign!

Investing in your teeth now saves you from spending money and experiencing pain in the future.  Most adults start to worry about their teeth when they see others experiencing root canals and gum disease or installing implants and dentures. You recognize that fixing crooked and misaligned teeth is not just about self-confidence, but also leads to improved oral health. Still, you hesitate to install braces despite the health advantages. Why?

As an adult, you have important responsibilities and constraints on your time. Your appearance may be more than just a confidence issue, but also a matter of maintaining a successful business. Invisalign addresses these issues and thus is even more beneficial for adults than it is for teenagers.

A few of the Invisalign advantages:

  •  Time – Invisalign is more “user-friendly” and requires fewer office visits than ordinary orthodontics. That means fewer missed work hours and less impact on your schedule. Invisalign is easier to care for and requires less time for cleaning than braces.
  •  Appearance – Invisalign is easily removed for important events. When installed, it will be hard to tell that your smile is any different.
  •  Cost – Your parents are not paying for your dentistry anymore. So our Placerville family dentists offer financing for all treatments. Some uses of Invisalign may be covered partially or completely by your dental insurance, depending on your specific policy guidelines.

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