Health Benefits

Straight Teeth Can Affect Your Health

Properly aligning teeth through orthodontics, either by using traditional “braces” or the modern Invisalign system, has many potential health and cosmetic benefits. Improperly aligned, or maloccluded, teeth can lead to gum disease, abnormal tooth wear and even eventual tooth loss. Properly aligned teeth promote healthier gums and patient self-confidence.

A common sign of bacterial infection is red, swollen or painful gums. Gum infections produce gum loss, jawbone loss and, worst of all, tooth loss. In addition to these negative outcomes, include the humiliating problem of bad breath. Recent studies by the American Dental Association have even found that oral infection increases your risk of developing strokes, heart disease, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia! Properly aligned teeth encourage the gums to fit securely around them, making good alignment a primary defense against this host of health problems.

Besides the medical benefits, the cosmetic advantages of straighter teeth are likewise considerable. Quality smiles lead to patients with more confidence and higher self-esteem. A happy mind with a healthier body — a major benefit of orthodontics!

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