Why Not Braces?

A better question might be: why would you use braces if you can use Invisalign? This modern method of solving orthodontic problems is our Placerville dentists’ first choice for fixing problem teeth and it should be your first choice too. Here’s some reasons why using Invisalign is superior to wearing braces.

Developed in the 1800s, perfected by the 20th century.Developed in the 1990’s, perfected in the 21st Century!
Applies metal to your teeth, connected with wires.No metal is ever used. Clear plastic aligners are smooth and fit perfectly.
Pain from wires and abrasions is common.Nothing to puncture or cut soft oral tissues.
Braces are usually visible, significantly altering your smile.They’re called “Invisalign” for a reason – they’re nearly invisible!
Not removed until the treatment is complete.Easily removed and replaced by the patient for special events (first dates, weddings, pictures, etc.).
Tooth breakage a possible side effect.Minimal side effects – safe for the teeth.
Huge lists of forbidden foods.Remove your aligner when you eat.
Cleaning your teeth takes longer, since all food must be removed from the brackets and wires.Cleaning is easy! Simply remove the aligner, brush your teeth and replace.
Flossing is extremely difficult.Floss your teeth normally.
Adjustments require regular office visits.New aligners are provided in advance. Visit our Placerville office once every four to six weeks to monitor your progress.

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