Should I Pierce My Tooth?

If someone offers to pierce your tooth, please save yourself an expensive dental procedure and say “No!” While lip and tongue piercings certainly have side effects and are potentially hazardous to your dental health, if you avoid any permanent damage and remove the piercings, your body will heal the piercing holes. A hole in your enamel will not heal on its own — that’s what our Placerville dentists call a “cavity.”

The Least of Your Worries

Assume that whoever is installing a tooth piercing is not a dentist or a dental professional. Drilling a hole in a tooth simply for the sake of ornamentation is definitely unethical! The potential complications, besides creating a permanent hole in your tooth, are many and serious. They include:

  • Infection,
  • Tooth fracture,
  • Interference with the bite,
  • Interference with speech,
  • Pulp injury,
  • Toothache,
  • Loss of the tooth.

So creating an artificial cavity, which later would need to be filled, is the least of your worries with a tooth piercing. A root canal procedure, a cracked tooth, and a bigger hole in your smile after losing the tooth are all possibilities.

Patients seldom want dentists to drill into their teeth for vital health reasons. Why would you let someone — who is not a dentist — drill into your tooth just for the sake of jewelry? The Placerville Dental Group does not recommend tooth piercing under any circumstances.

May 21, 2015 | Oral Health


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