Lip Piercings and Your Teeth and Gums

An adult’s decision to obtain a lip piercing is obviously a personal one. As your Placerville dentists, however, we are obliged to fill you in on the potential consequences of your decision in relation to your teeth and gums. Consider a report on lip piercings made by oral surgeons at the University of Barcelona in Spain.

The Spanish dentists studied patients with a piercing on just one side of the lip. This allowed them to make a comparison between the two sides of the same mouth. The patients’ gums and general oral condition were noted and compared to healthy averages. The results demonstrate that lip piercings have considerable risks!

Lip Piercings and Cracked Teeth

The most disturbing statistic was the increase in cracked teeth with lip piercings. One in every five patients had tooth fractures and cracks on the side of their mouth with a piercing, far above normal. A cracked tooth leaves you with two choices: a root canal or an extraction. That’s a heavy price to pay for wearing a piece of jewelry!

Gum Recession and Lip Piercings

Patients with lip piercings also experience significant gum recession, which means that they have lost gum tissue near the piercing. Gum loss directly leads to greater risks for cavities and loose teeth. If you know someone with a lip piercing, or have one yourself, compare the gums behind the piercing to the gum line in other parts of the mouth. Like the Barcelona researchers, you too will probably find gum recession near the piercing.

Know the Side Effects

Many people think that lip piercings make them more handsome or attractive. Before you get a piercing, however, make certain that you have considered all of the side effects! Here at the Placerville Dental Group, we believe that the best accessory for looking good is a full set of teeth!


Nov 14, 2013 | Oral Health


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