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Tongue piercings may be marginally safer with plastic stud material.

Oral Piercings — Does the Material Matter?

The Placerville Dental Group has presented many articles on the subject of oral piercings and the likely side effects that we see from such jewelry in our dental practice. Oral piercing may continue to be popular with some of our clients, but chipped teeth and...

Our Placerville dentists often get questions about dental matters. Here is the answer to a question about tooth piercing.

Should I Pierce My Tooth?

If someone offers to pierce your tooth, please save yourself an expensive dental procedure and say “No!” While lip and tongue piercings certainly have side effects and are potentially hazardous to your dental health, if you avoid any permanent damage and remove the piercings, your...

The Placerville Dental Group wants you to know that tongue piercings are hazardous to your dental health.

Tongue Piercings and Dental Health

Tongue piercing is a personal decision, but it is important that patients are fully aware of possible oral health hazards.” — Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice Our last article examined the connection between lip piercings and cracked teeth or gum disease. Some people think that tongue...