Resolve To Start The New Year Off Right!

If you have not visited our Placerville dental professionals in awhile, even years, it’s normal to be nervous. What can you expect for your visit after a lapse in preventive dental care? There’s good reason why the American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams — without regular professional dental cleanings, plaque has time to build up and calcify into tartar. Your first cleaning in a long time is thus likely to take a little longer than usual.

When a person has not been to dentist in a long time, it’s also common that we find cavities. Don’t be disappointed if our Placerville dentist finds enamel decay and recommends fillings. The important thing is is that you’ve taken action now to prevent more serious dental problems, such as infected roots and periodontal disease.

Many people avoid going to the dentist for years, but then end up experiencing the very dental complications they wanted to avoid. Don’t allow dental anxiety to prevent you from having healthy teeth and gums. Before it’s too late and you experience tooth pain and loss, see us as soon as possible! We understand dental jitters are common and we provide options to make your visit anxiety free. Contact us today to get more information on sedation dentistry, so that even your cleanings can be done without the least bit of worry. Resolve to keep your Placerville dental appointments in the new year and get back on track with excellent dental health!


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