Relaxing at the Dentist

If you think about a relaxing place, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps a sandy beach or a forest trail? A day at the spa. Sitting by the pool with your favorite beverage. But visiting the dentist and relaxation? The majority of our Placerville dental patients would not say that they come to our office to wind down and lose a little stress. So let us discuss how to be more relaxed and less stressed when you visit the Placerville Dental Group.

Communication, Communication, Communication

The first key is communication. If you avoid the dentist because of fear, tell us that. If you visit us regularly but find grey hairs afterwards, tell your dentist. We can help you get past your fears if your specific concerns are made known.

Timing is Everything

If you have more than one procedure to complete, you may be the kind of person that wants to get it all over in one visit. That is an option that you and your dentist can work out. On the other hand, if a long time in the dental chair is not your thing, speak up! Your dental work can be spread out over a few short visits. The most important thing is that the work gets done, your teeth get the attention they need and you keep up with your semi-annual appointments.

Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Bliss

Do you like to know exactly what the dentist is doing, step by step? Your dentist can keep you informed as much as possible. If you would rather stay uninformed, because too much information makes your knees wobble and your head spin, we can keep quiet. Your dentist needs you to cooperate during dental procedures, but you are not required to understand every little detail to ensure success. So whether you want to be enlightened or in the dark, whatever makes you more relaxed, communication is the key.

Use Hand Signals

If you have some anxiety about your dental care, the best time to talk about it is not when your mouth is full of dental instruments, halfway through an involved procedure. Even the most eloquent speakers cannot communicate with metal objects in their mouth. Before your procedure starts, agree on some easy hand signals that can convey simple messages such as “Ouch!” or “I need to swallow,” or “I need a break.” If you feel in control, it is easier to sit for the required time while your dentist works. If we understand what you need, we can fulfill your requests.

It’s OK to be KO’ed

If you’re really nervous, speak up. Ask your dentist about all the options of modern pain control. Whether you take a little something to relax or take advantage of sleep dentistry, the important thing is to get your dental work done and do not put off needed procedures. There is no dental problem that gets better by itself. Dental issues only get worse — the sooner you treat your problems, the simpler and less expensive the procedure will be! Use the medicines and techniques available to the modern dental patient to make any treatment a “forgettable” experience.

Making Dentistry Easy

If it helps you relax, your dentist will be all for it. So between a lot of knowledge or a lack of it, a few well-rehearsed hand signals and a bit of modern pain management, you are all set to be more relaxed at the dentist. Maybe an hour in our Placerville dental office is not quite a day at the beach, but if you speak up, your waves of nervousness will ebb away.
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Apr 3, 2014 | Oral Maintenance


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