If You Already Have a Piercing

How to Reduce the Risks

In our last article, the Placerville Dental Group warned of the complications commonly caused by oral piercings. Nevertheless, many adults have such piercings. Just like smoking and other activities with risks, patients are best cared for when they are aware of what to look for as far as warning signs of dangerous side effects. Therefore, we would like to share the following information from the American Dental Association for those who already have oral piercings of the cheek, lip or tongue.

  • Contact your dentist or physician immediately if you have any signs of discomfort. This could mean infection — swelling, pain, fever, chills, shaking or a red-streaked appearance around the site of the piercing.
  • Keep the pierced area clean and free of any food bits that may collect on the jewelry by rinsing your mouth after every meal.
  • Avoid clicking the jewelry against your teeth and do not put stress on the piercing. Be gentle and aware of the jewelry’s movement when talking and chewing. You must make mental adjustments to lessen the damage the piercing will invariably cause.
  • Check the tightness of your jewelry periodically (with clean hands). This can help prevent you from swallowing or choking if the jewelry becomes dislodged.
  • When playing sports, remove the jewelry and protect your mouth with a mouthguard.
  • See our Placerville dentists regularly, and remember to always brush twice a day and floss daily.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding tongue and oral piercings. Come in to our convenient location at 699 Main Street, Suite B, in Placerville, or make an appointment through our website. You may also call for a consultation at (530) 444-5322. Whether or not you have oral piercings, a caring dentist will keep your mouth and smile in the best shape possible!


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