Don’t Forget to Floss!

Some people do not enjoy brushing their teeth. Even though it’s only for two minutes, twice a day, it’s something they just cannot quite adore. Despite that, nearly 70% of the American population still does it regularly anyway, because they appreciate the benefits of having clean teeth and healthy gums. When it comes to flossing, however, that statistic is reversed. According to a national analysis of how many people regularly floss their teeth, about 70% don’t do it often enough!

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

The idea of flossing is to take an 18-inch length of floss and maneuver it between your teeth. You push the floss down between the teeth, scrape the side of one tooth and then the other, and then pull the floss out. Then, you do it for the next area, and the next. It takes time to get it right, but tight teeth can make it frustrating.

You may dislike the extra time for flossing (all of a minute, usually), but if you’re going to take care of your teeth, brushing them simply is not enough. Your toothbrush cleans the surface of your teeth and the soft tissues in your mouth, but it cannot reach the areas between teeth. Those areas are exactly where food particles and debris get lodged, then serving as a food source for the bacteria in your mouth. This allows microorganisms to attack your gums, teeth and bone. It also allows halitosis, or bad breath, to develop. Scientific research even links gum disease, often caused by a failure to floss, to coronary artery disease and stroke.

String It Up!

The Placerville Dental Group knows that flossing has great benefits, and we want you to understand that too. True, occasional bleeding from your gums may be off-putting. When you do become regular in your flossing, however, such bleeding typically goes away. Feel free to peruse our article on proper flossing technique here on our website. The main key is to do it and keep doing it. Like with any other skill, practice makes perfect. You might also try interdental brushes or water flossers if you find that string floss is just too annoying for you.

Of course, if you have any concerns about bleeding gums or pain when your floss, contact the Placerville Dental Group over the phone or schedule an appointment online. Or if you’d like, bring up the subject at your next visit. Your flossing efforts are a sure sign you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and we’ll help you meet that goal.


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