Winter Invisalign Day

Winter Smiles with Invisalign!

Have you always wanted to “fix your teeth,” but never wanted to deal with the discomfort and look of traditional braces? To encourage you to “take the plunge,” the Placerville Dental Group is holding its first Family and Friends Invisalign Day on Wednesday, December 3rd. Besides significant Invisalign discounts, we are also randomly giving away five in-office tooth whitenings to patients who sign up for this special event.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system that uses clear plastic “aligners” to gently pull your teeth into their proper position. Small rounded tabs are placed on specific teeth to hold the aligners in place. Patients wear the aligners during the majority of the day, but remove them to eat and clean their teeth. Most patients elect to wear Invisalign even during special events, since it’s nearly invisible when you’re wearing them.

Combine Invisalign with Propel

While Invisalign generally takes less time to straighten your teeth than braces, when we combine aligner technology with the new Propel system for speeding up orthodontic treatment, you can complete you procedure in up to half the time it normally takes to fix dental alignments. So if your treatment would normally take a year, with Propel you could finish in only six months! You can speak with our Placerville dentists about Propel when you come to Invisalign Day.

A Placerville Invisalign Provider

The Placerville Dental Group is happy to be one of the few Invisalign providers in town. So if you want to experience the benefits of the best “invisible” system for straightening teeth, come to our office and discover the difference between aligner technology and standard braces. We look forward to meeting you on December 3rd, 2014 for Invisalign Day. Space is limited, so contact our office ASAP to guarantee your spot for Invisalign discounts and a special drawing for tooth whitening services.

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