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Top 5 Reasons to See the Placerville Dental Group

The Placerville Dental Group takes your oral health seriously, and when you do too it's a win-win! Sometimes, though, our patients put off dental visits or ignore symptoms that are signs of potential oral distress. When is it most important to visit the dentist? Check...

Our Placerville dentists welcome you every six months or more often.

The Importance of a Dental Treatment Plan

At the Placerville Dental Group, our dentists and hygienists emphasize the importance of a customized dental treatment plan, especially when a patient requires oral surgery, full-mouth restoration, orthodontic care or cosmetic dental restoration. Progress to a healthier mouth starts with clear communication between your local...

TMJ Pain

Help For TMJ Sufferers

Facial and neck pain, jaw clicks and clacks, soreness, tenderness and sensitivity in the jaw joints are all symptoms of a debilitating condition. While of all us have temporomandibular joints and jaw muscles, (otherwise known as the TMJ), some of us in Placerville suffer incredible...