What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

The short answer to our title question is “Probably nothing good,” and the American Dental Association (ADA) agrees. Although the extremely rare person may not develop cavities from a failure to brush, they certainly will get gum disease. And gum disease eventually leads to tooth loss, so the end result is still the same. Whether your teeth are destroyed by cavities and decay or by becoming loose and falling out, the failure to brush your teeth is a guarantee for unhealthy outcomes.

Bacteria are the Problem

The simple fact is that most of the cavities and nearly all of the periodontal disease that our Placerville dentists treat could be prevented with good daily dental care. When bacteria isn’t brushed away and starts to protect itself by building plaque or growing under the gumline, it multiplies exponentially. It then either creates enough acid to erode the enamel away or it irritates the gums, causing them to withdraw from the teeth.

What’s worse, as they move further beneath the gums, bacteria gain direct access to your blood stream. Bacteria in your blood stream means your immune system must work to fight off infection. This kind of infection by oral bacteria is linked by studies to pneumonia, heart attacks, diabetes and difficulties during pregnancy. You could say the more you neglect your toothbrush, the more pain you gain.

Brush Your Teeth — It’s Friendly!

Yet let’s leave the medical issues aside for a moment and ask: “Why wouldn’t you want to brush your teeth?” Fuzzy teeth coated in plaque don’t feel good or look good! Bad breath from bacteria and food particles stuck in your teeth gets worse everyday without a good brushing and flossing. As one ADA spokesman said about failing to brush: “It’s not going to be good for relationships with other people, you aren’t going to have a lot of friends.”

Keeping You Healthy and Popular

Dentistry helps you to feel good, stay healthy and keep your friends! Brush every day for at least two minutes each time and floss at least once daily. It sounds so simple, but sticking to an oral hygiene regimen at home is the best way to keep your mouth healthy along with regular visits to your Placerville dentist. Make an appointment today to maintain your dental health and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth by regularly brushing your teeth!


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