How Invisalign Works

Most of our Placerville patients are aware of how braces straighten your teeth. The practice of applying braces, or orthodontics, became a common part of dentistry in the 1800’s. Basically, brackets and wires attached to the teeth gradually pull them into their proper position. While this method is certainly a proven procedure, it is now far from modern.

Invisalign is the orthodontics of the 21st century! No uncomfortable brackets are attached to your teeth and no metal is put in your mouth. There are no adjustments with pliers, nor pain from wires. Instead, a series of clear plastic “trays” or aligners are designed to correct your specific orthodontic problem based on a plan formulated by your Placerville dentist. Created using the reliable technology established by Invisalign, these smooth, removable trays are worn over your teeth throughout the day. You simply remove them when it’s time to eat or brush your teeth. Simple care is required for the aligners, as about every two weeks, you start using a new set to continue your treatment.

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