Why Do Children Have Jagged Teeth?

A few articles ago, we discussed teething when a baby’s teeth come in and dealing with any pain during the process. Let’s now talk about permanent teeth. The first permanent tooth arrives after much wiggling of the loose baby tooth by the excited child (or parent). Once it is lost, either through an impatient yank or persistent wiggling, the child’s gapped smile is usually a good photo opportunity.

Many parents might be alarmed when the much anticipated permanent tooth erupts. This is for keeps, but why is this new tooth so big? Why is it bumpy or serrated? Jagged teeth? This certainly isn’t the perfect tooth you imagined!

The Truth About Jagged or Bumpy Teeth

The bumps on new permanent teeth are not permanent. They will eventually go away and are completely normal. These bumps, called mamelons, usually wear away in a short time while your child uses their new teeth. They won’t have jagged teeth forever! Very rarely, these jagged edges do not wear away on their own, so if it’s a matter of cosmetic concern or otherwise, our Placerville dentists can smooth them out and make the teeth even.

When your child’s adult teeth start coming in, it’s a good time for the Placerville Dental Group to check up on your whole family’s dental health. Daily brushing, flossing and a healthy diet are the most important ways to make sure your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy for life. And besides regular check-ups with our local Placerville dentists, we also provide comprehensive dental care including custom mouthguards if your youngsters are involved in sports, or orthodontic treatment if those teeth don’t come in quite the way they should. It’s been found that when children receive orthodontic correction earlier rather than later, the treatment is faster and more effective, since the bone is still young and growing.

Quality and professional dental care, like the kind available at the Placerville Dental Group, is essential for good dental health, even for your little ones with jagged teeth! Mamelons go away, but healthy teeth stay for life!

Aug 4, 2016 | Oral Health


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