What Parents Should Know About Braces

Do you think your child needs braces or has your dentist told you your child would benefit from having them? Regular dental check ups from the Placerville Dental Group ensure your child maintains a healthy mouth and potential problems may be avoided with the use of orthodontics. Our Placerville dental experts frequently answer the following questions from concerned parents when they are told their child would benefit from wearing braces.

My child’s teeth look healthy and straight, why do they need braces?

Our Placerville dentists are trained to identify bite issues at an early age and spot potential problems as your child grows. Teeth may appear straight, but misalignment of the jaw and bad dental habits may spell disaster in the future. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends orthodontic exams for children by the time they are seven years old to prevent underlying problems. When caught and treated early, problems such as misaligned bite, mismatched upper and lower jaw, tooth crowding, or problems due to thumb sucking require less treatment time.

Will my child experience pain and discomfort with braces?

At first, it’s normal to have some pain and discomfort with braces, but it doesn’t last long. Usually, patients are uncomfortable for a period of time when they first receive them and after they come in for adjustments. This is because the teeth are being realigned and that means force is exerted on certain teeth. Good communication with our young patients, and the parents, makes it easier to manage discomfort. Orthodontic wax and pain medications like Tylenol are usually enough for your child’s mouth to get used to braces during the prescribed treatment.

How much do braces cost?

It’s true, braces aren’t cheap. But before dismissing this vital treatment option, consider the following: the Placerville Dental Group does not needlessly recommend treatments or procedures. If we recommend braces for your child, it is because we believe your child will benefit from orthodontic treatment. The sooner we identify orthodontic issues and the sooner a child receives treatment, the shorter the treatment usually needs to be. This is because younger mouths are still developing and it is easier to correct dental problems in a “soft” jaw than a “hard” one.

The Placerville Dental Group accepts most dental insurance plans and is happy to assist our patients and their families with affordable treatment options. Contact us today and we will schedule a free orthodontic consultation and answer other questions you have about Placerville braces.

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