The Lifespan of Your Teeth

How Long Can They Last?

Many people consider losing teeth as just a part of getting old. In fact, by the time the average American reaches seventy years of age, they’ve lost at least a tooth or two. One report says that over 25% of adults from age 65 to 74 have lost all their teeth. Another survey reported that the average person in the same age group has about 10 teeth remaining. Fortunately, those are just averages. Many individuals make it to 90 years or more with a full set of undamaged teeth. What’s their secret? Is tooth loss really just a part of getting old, or can it be avoided?

Tooth Limitations

Your teeth are a finite feature of your body. You have 32 adult teeth, each covered with enamel – the strongest substance in your body. Your teeth chomp, chew, bite, and break down the foods you eat. That daily wear and tear, even with a healthy diet, takes a toll on them over time.

Thankfully, your body has systems in place to support your teeth, but decades of unhealthy foods, bad habits, or neglect are often too much for your body systems to combat on their own. What’s more, if tooth enamel or dentin deteriorate beyond a certain point, they cannot be repaired or replaced without professional help from the Placerville Dental Group. Our dentists have several options to restore your smile, from fillings and crowns to dental bridges and dental implants.

Other Factors for Increased Tooth Loss

As age increases, certain dental circumstances come into play. You might experience gum recession, a common issue with increased age. Another development is dry mouth, a side effect of over 500 different medications used to treat things like asthma, high blood pressure or cholesterol, and even depression. Dry mouth often leads to tooth decay, since saliva contains important minerals for rebuilding the tooth enamel. That’s why it’s important to let your dentist know what medications you are currently taking.

Preserving Your Teeth

Even with all these factors, you can help your teeth stay healthy and clean by brushing them twice a day, supplemented with flossing, and as needed mouthwash use. Good oral hygiene hinders the bacteria that try to compromise your teeth. This simply daily routine significantly increases the chances of keeping your teeth for life!

Visiting your dentist for checkups and tooth cleanings every six months improves those chances even further. Even under current COVID-19 restrictions, the Placerville Dental Group is ready to support you and your teeth safely and successfully. We monitor your teeth and inspect them with every visit to make sure any developments are noted and addressed. Granted, if you need restorative dentistry to bring back your smile, we will certainly help you, but we’d rather help you maintain all your natural teeth for the rest of your life. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online for more information.


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