Summer Is Smile Time

School is almost out for the summer. That’s a reason to smile! What are a few other reasons why summer time is a good time to visit the Placerville Dental Group?

More Appointment Opportunities

With school out, there’s no worrying about squeezing in dental exams and cleanings after school or having to miss class time. And patients with summer appointments avoid the back to school rush that happens in August and September. Afterwards, everyone can relax with a cold beverage on hot Placerville days knowing that the dental exams and cleanings are done. Putting off cleanings isn’t good for your teeth and delayed procedures are harder on your wallet. So enjoy your summer knowing you took care of yourself by taking care of your teeth!

Visiting Our Placerville Dental Office is Cool

Our dentists are not only friendly, they also have great air conditioning! Like Delta Dental says: “If your dentist’s office is like most, it’s crisp, cool, and air-conditioned. Take a break from the heat for some dentistry A/C. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your frosty check-up. You might not be on the beach, but much like the water in the Caribbean, your smile will be crystal clear.”

Get more out of your smile by knowing your dental needs are taken care of by the Placerville Dental Group this summer. Start summer right by scheduling your appointment today!

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