More to Orthodontics Than Just the Teeth

In this modern age, our Placerville dentists treat more than just teeth. Through the use of orthodontics, dentists can correct jaw and facial bone abnormalities. The Placerville Dental Group uses a comprehensive approach to treating such patients and many are seeing beneficial results.

Altering Bone for the Better

Did you know a person’s face shape could be affected by orthodontic treatment? This works because orthodontics, such as the standard braces or the advanced Invisalign, affect the structure of the jawbones underlying the teeth, thus changing facial appearance. Such potential alterations are always considered when customizing a treatment plan.

For example, orthodontics are crucial for a patient with protruding teeth, but over the course of their treatment, noticeable changes occur in their facial profile and jawline. The end result is a more pleasing appearance, often accompanied by improved breathing through widened airways. This benefit often results in the reduction of snoring or sleep apnea issues, an excellent side effect to improving the smile! The Academy of General Dentistry had this to say about the positive effects of orthodontics: “Dentistry has moved beyond just treating the teeth and oral cavity. We are now able to give patients beautiful faces and alleviate a multitude of medical problems.” Thus, dentists properly trained in orthodontic and temporomandibular disorder therapy often alleviate facial disharmony without surgery through the use of orthodontic appliances.

When to Get Orthodontics

Research has shown that early intervention to correct teeth and jaw misalignment issues has a higher rate of success. Many patients receive orthodontic treatment in their teenage years, but by age thirteen the window of opportunity for successful orthodontic treatment narrows as jawbone growth slows. Patients who receive treatment at a young age also need a shorter course of treatment. Therefore, younger is often better, although many adults of all ages successfully treat orthodontic problems that they were afraid or unable to fix when they were children. If you are considering orthodontics for yourself or a family member and wonder how treatment would affect your appearance, contact our Placerville dental clinic for a free consultation. We will customize a treatment plan and tell you what to expect in both looks and price.

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