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Can Gaming Technology Help Children Maintain Oral Health?

While many adults are still coming to terms with modern technology, younger generations use it like spoons in breakfast cereal. Toddlers use their parents cell phones with amazing capability. In fact, many older ones rely on their grandkids to fix and maintain their tablets and smartphones.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of technology has produced a few caveats. Many parents say it’s increasingly difficult to keep a child’s attention on necessary tasks, like brushing and flossing. Some parents find success with playing a song for their kids to brush along with. Yet, even music might not be enough.

Take It to the Next Level

Fortunately, modern technology also provides solutions to help many children be interested in oral hygiene. New digital games (yes, games) with different styles and modes of interaction could help your child keep up with their brushing.

Brush Those Teeth – This is a simple game based on Sesame Street characters. Guy Smiley hosts a game show where your child is the contestant tasked with brushing the teeth of monsters. It shows what to look for and how to brush in a fun and interactive way. It’s intended for younger audiences, but if you wind up playing it yourself, you won’t lose any points.

Brush Up – This award-winning game uses a character named Budd to help teach your child how to brush properly. You can download a free version of the game for Android or Apple phones and tablets. It includes a song and animations along with interactive responses to teach your children proper brushing technique. They can even help Budd out by brushing his teeth for him.

Kolibree – Not just a game, but an interactive toothbrush, Kolibree offers a toothbrush called Ara that works in line with a downloadable app. The toothbrush registers and displays by quadrant where you have brushed, including your tongue. Parents can keep track of brushing progress for multiple family members. For kids, they offer games where their toothbrush becomes the game controller in real time. They can earn points, badges and virtual rewards for completing levels by brushing their teeth! Meanwhile, they learn proper toothbrushing skills.

Of course, none of these innovative options are crucial to your child’s oral health, but they could help your child to properly care for their teeth.

Playing the Right Games

Even if your child likes games, it’s never wise to play games with oral health. If you are concerned with your child’s interest (or lack thereof) with oral health care, contact the Placerville Dental Group. We have years of experience helping children of all ages learn how to brush their teeth properly. Better yet, we can talk with you and your child together. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We can work as a team and help your child get their “game on” with regular brushing and flossing.


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