Does Your Child Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea isn’t just a problem for adults, it also affects children. When a child has sleep apnea, it may be cause by a dental problem that our Placerville dentists are able to treat effectively. If your child has any of the following symptoms, you should contact the Placerville Dental Group for a sleep apnea assessment:

  • chronic snoring;
  • habitual mouth breathing;
  • trouble concentrating or tiredness, despite a full night’s sleep;
  • a narrow mouth or small smile;
  • crowded baby teeth.

Children should not snore or be overly tired during the day. When well, they should be a “bundle of energy.” Most children sleep soundly, especially after a summer day of play. So when they wake, they should feel rested. If they do not, sleep apnea is a possible diagnosis. Fortunately, the Placerville Dental Group keeps up to date on dental and medical science to help solve snoring and sleep apnea issues, even in children.

Dental Solutions for Childhood Sleep Apnea

An examination from our Placerville dentists determines the likely cause of sleep apnea symptoms. At-home sleep testing confirms the diagnosis made by the dentist. Sometimes, the adenoids or tonsils (lymphatic glands that help fight infections) may become enlarged, causing blocked airways that result in snoring or sleep apnea. A very small palate or other genetic abnormalities in the mouth can lead to tight airways that are easily blocked by the tongue when sleeping. A pediatrician usually addresses the lymph glands, but problems with the teeth and palate are treated by our Placerville dentists. With help from orthodontics, palate spreaders, and other oral devices, our staff treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. The results are a happier, healthier and alert child!

Summer is the perfect time for addressing any concerns you may have regarding your child’s oral health. Sleep apnea could cause a child to be lose out on valuable developmental experiences due to habitual tiredness caused by lack of quality sleep. Prepare now for a successful school year to come by having us evaluate your child for sleep apnea, if they are experiencing symptoms. Request a consultation through our website, by phone or by coming to see us at our downtown Placerville dental office.


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