Does Weather Affect Your Teeth?

Fall is upon us! Apple Hill is open and the changing trees are spectacular. This time of year brings up an important question for our Placerville dental patients: “Does the weather affect dental health?”

The short answer is yes, and it’s not just because we tend to eat more baked goods and sweets in the Fall and Winter. While extra sugar consumption definitely affects our oral health, allergies and colder temperatures also may affect how your teeth feel.

Seasonal Changes and Your Dental Health

When the weather changes and the air becomes cold, many people experience the sharp ache of tooth sensitivity. Breathing in cold air can make teeth ache. This may be caused by thin, weakened tooth enamel, gum recession that exposes the roots, cracked teeth or a combination of these problems. The tongue, cheeks and lips help insulate the mouth to some degree, but if you suffer from cold weather tooth sensitivity, try breathing through your nose to warm the air and send it directly to the back of the throat, bypassing the teeth. You can also try toothpaste and mouthwash made for sensitive teeth to see if that helps the problem. Mention your sensitivity at your next exam in our Placerville dental office.

Temperature changes can also affect dental restorations like bridges, crowns and fillings that are cracked, loose or worn out. Ultimately, a visit to the Placerville Dental Group determines the exact cause of tooth sensitivity.

Seasonal Allergies and Dental Health

It is possible to have a change in dental well-being due to seasonal allergies. Allergies cause irritation in the sinuses, leading to extra sinus pressure. This can cause pain that is much like a toothache. If allergy medications do not relieve symptoms, it is wise to rule out an abscess or other condition at the Placerville Dental Group. Prompt treatment to relieve oral pain prevents infection from damaging other teeth and bone.

Year Round Oral Health

Take care of your oral health year round! Brush and floss daily and keep your appointments at the Placerville Dental Group. The healthier your teeth and gums, the better you feel! Contact our Placerville dental clinic for an appointment today!


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